SPRING BREAK ART SHOW 2017 will present artwork of several mediums selected by over 150 curators who were chosen out of several hundred proposals. ARTnews.com cited “…Larry Walczak and his roaming Brooklyn gallery eyewash projects” and their featured project AMERICAN TRILOGY by Phil Buehler as one to watch for. With “Armory Week” or NYC Art Week as some refer to it promises an additional 50,000 artists, curators, collectors & art enthusiasts to view the various art fairs and art shows mounted for that first week in March. Spring Break 2017 invades the 22nd & 23rd floors (formerly the offices of Vanity Fair magazine) at the Conde Noste Building in the heart of Times Square at 42nd & Broadway. This centralized location makes it particularly attractive as a must-see venue during this very art active week in Manhattan.

Photographer Phil Buehler mounts three of his walk-in photographic installations as one unit or one sculpture if you will especially for this annual art show. Documenting the physical residue of Michael Brown’s murder by police in the streets of Ferguson, Missouri to the dramatic landscape of the Arlington Cemetery where a Gold Star family’s son lies to the historic demonstration in Washington DC following this year’s inauguration. Buehler’s installations permit the viewer to enter a space wrapped in the photo imagery of hundreds of stills stitched together that act as conduits to these emotional episodes we have come to know in these recent times. For an instant in time the viewer is in Ferguson or the Arlington Cemetery or the powerful drama of our nation’s largest demonstration in DC. That moment reminds us of the tense time we are currently living in but also reaffirms the power of contemporary art in bringing social issues and events to our front door.

The installation(s) are to be found on the 22nd floor of 4 Times Square (42nd & Broadway) please use the 43rd St. entrance anytime from March 1 to March 6th, viewing hours are from 11 to 6. For additional information call 814-520-8086 or contact larryeyewash@gmail.com.