eyewash REDUX

Eighteen years ago eyewash projects was founded by Larry Walczak in an apartment in a turn-of-the-century tenement building in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Three years later it evolved into a migratory gallery/project specializing in emerging and mid-career artists from Brooklyn and elsewhere and focusing on group theme shows and experimental exhibitions.

eyewash has since received comprehensive media coverage and has been documented/reviewed in the New York Times, Art in America, ArtNet, ArtNews, Art on Paper, The Art Newspaper, ArtInfo, Time Out New York, The Village Voice, ArtForum, The New Yorker, The Brooklyn Rail, NY Arts, CNN, NPR, The Burlington Magazine, L Magazine, Flash Art and several other international periodicals and blogs.

Several dozens of artists have participated in eyewash exhibitions over the years including Ken Butler, Bob Seng & Lisa Hein, Ted victoria, Michael Waugh, David Pierce, Paul Kuhrman, Komar & Melamid, Walter Robinson, Perry Hoberman, Thomas Broadbent, Jeanne Tremel, Cham Giobbi, David Brody, Bruce Pearson, Amy Cutler, Lisa Levy,  David Kramer, Ellie Murphy, Jim Torok, Joe Amhrein, William Powhida, Nina Levy, Eung Ho Park, Amy Hill, Linda Ganjian, Mark Masyga, Robin Michaels, Ligorano & Reese, Judy Simonian, Lori Ellison, Francis Cape, Martin Wong, Barbara Campisi, Richard Humann, Mary Ziegler, Patricia Smith, Katherine Powers, Liza Phillips, Shari Mendelson, Edward Monovich, Carol Warner, Nelson Bradley, Meredith Allen with Carol Saft, Greg Barsamian, Jane Fine, James Esber, Ward Shelley, David Shapiro, Angela Wyman, Leslie Roberts, Eric Heist, Laura Parnes, Julian Lorber, Patrick Todd, Jesse Lambert, Robin Perl, Rick Briggs, Ray Johnson, Charles Yuen, Wendy Hirschberg, Catya Plate, Daniel Rosenbaum, Willy Hartland, Carla Gannis, William Graef, Patricia Fabricant, Thomas Bevan, Grace Roselli, Sono Osato, Leslie Brack, David Opdyke, Rob de Oude, Kate Yourke, Adam Simon, Gina Manola, Martha Burgess, Joy Episala, Larry Krone, David Shapiro, Peter Fox and Mandy Morrison. Please reference the “past exhibitions” on the eyewash website for a more complete list.

eyewash REDUX is a celebration of a neighborhood project that became nationally and internationally recognized with exhibitions in the NYC area as well as New Jersey, Philadelphia and projects in Europe. This project looks forward to its 20th anniversary.

In May of 2015 eyewash projects will have its first ever benefit in its DIY history in the form of an online KICKSTARTER campaign to get the necessary funding to reach new goals and create additional projects.

Participating artists include:
Thomas Broadbent, David Brody, Ken Butler, Barbara Campisi, Patricia Fabricant, Amy Hill, Christopher Johnson, Linda Ganjian, Chambliss Giobbi, Komar & Melamid, David Kramer, Paul Kuhrman, Julian Lorber, Lisa Levy, Norma Markley, Mark Masyga, Ellie Murphy, David Pierce, Bob Seng, Jim Torok, Jeanne Tremel and Ted Victoria.

eyewash projects salutes the Firework Gallery at 146 Berry St. only blocks away from eyewash’s original home at 143 North 7th St. for hosting this weekend’s celebration and pop-up exhibition. Thanks to both Lisa and Bill.

eyewash REDUX at Firework Gallery, 146 Berry St. in Williamsburg, Bklyn on May Sat/Sun 16th and 17th. For more info/details call 718-362-9813