eyewash, Brooklyn’s migratory gallery

THANK YOU to the over one hundred folks who donated to our June, 2015 Kickstarter campaign!!  We reached our goal and then some, this all creates a modest working budget for eyewash to remain a functioning migratory gallery. Stay in touch to witness our upcoming projects for 2015/2016.

If you want to select one of these donations/rewards go to The Kickstarter Project here and watch the video of what eyewash has accomplished and it’s plans for the future

Donation of $25-A copy of the artists book American History Lessons by Larry Walczak, b&w, photo-offset, 1979, in the collection of the Museum of Modern Art, NYC and featured in Johanna Drucker’s book The Century of Artists Books as well as exhibited in several exhibitions world wide.

Donation of $75-print of artist Lisa Levy’s “I don’t know who you are but I need your approval“, limited edition measures 16″ by 12″, red on white, 2010

“I don’t Know Who You are but I Need Your Approval”, Lisa Levy, 12″ x 16″, limited edition 


Donation of $150-print of Thomas Broadbent watercolor The Shelter, approx. 9″ by 14″‘ archival, 2015, limited edition

Thomas Broadbent, watercolor on paper, 10 by 14 inches, The Shelter, 2015

Donation of $200-one hour session with performance artist Dr. Lisa Levy, Skype or in person, Dr. Lisa is a self-appointed psycho-therapist who has analyzed dozens of personalities on stage and online.


Donation of $400-selection on a first-come first-served basis of the following artworks: Drawing by artist Amy Hill, drawing by David Brody and painting by Mark Masyga

Amy Hill, Woman’s Room, graphite on paper, 7.5 by 8 inches

David Brody, untitled, color pencil on isometric graph paper, 17″ x 22″

Mark Masyga, untitled painting, oil on paper, 10 by 8 inches, 2009



Donation of $700-selection on a first-come first- served basis of the following artworks: collage by Ken Butler, complimentary drawings (counts as one artwork) by Linda Ganjian, painting on paper by Jeanne Tremel

Ken Butler 24 by 18 inches, recumulation #3, 2014

(No longer available) Linda Ganjian,two untitled paintings on paper, approx. 7 by 10 inches, 2010

Jeanne Tremel painting on paper, 14.5 by 20 inches, Ditmas 5, 2010


Donation of $1,000-The Shelter, watercolor on paper by Thomas Broadbent, two paintings by Amy Hill, and painting by Julian Lorber.


Thomas Broadbent, watercolor on paper, 10 by 14 inches, The Shelter, 2015

(No longer available) Amy Hill, blonde Man with Necklace, oil on wood, 9 by 12 inches, 

Amy Hill, Rapper, oil on wood, 9 by 12 inches

Julian Lorber, untitled acrylic, resin on wood, 9.5 by 25 inches, 2015


Donation of $2,000 – Million Dollar Idea, painting on paper by David Kramer

(No longer available) Million Dollar Idea, painting on paper by David Kramer

To update on what artworks are still available contact larryeyewash@gmail.com for a quick response.